What I want Wednesday; Home Edition!

So whenever I finally have a house of my own... and my fiance lets me decorate... I think it is going to be VERRRRRRYYY pretty. I am just sayin'... lol.

 This really neat vase would be sitting on top of a really cute table... Just sayin'... perhaps in the entryway. LOL :)

Isn't this hanging terrarium really freaking awesome?! I think I would like to have just a cluster of them in the corner of the living room between the two windows... So cute. :)

This lady makes these paper lanterns, they are sooooo gorgeous I want a few of them!!

I dunno if I have shown you this picture before. But I absolutely love the idea of having an outside living space. Do you freaking see that awesome awesome awesome chandelier thingie?! I love it! It is sooooooo cool!!!

And this shelving unit SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME. 

Well... I really think that the Man should just lemme have free range of the decorating... I kind of promise to stay in a nice budget... kinda...



  1. You can have a mostly free range for decorating... Kitchen I have some say in and pets especially small dogs and cats don't count as decorations.

  2. You can have a mostly free range with the decorating. The kitchen, I would like some say in. Oh and pets such as small dogs or cats don't fall under the decor category!


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