In Less Than One Month...

My fiance will be home! I will be married to him, and the Army.

September 5th is the date. It is sort of, somewhat of a shotgun wedding. But I am pretty sure it is going to be amazing. It is happening at a recreation park up here in the woods. It will be great. It's going to be potluck style, and he is wearing his greens, and his brother is preforming the ceremony! :) Haha. It is pretty cheap so far. I think we are close to $3,000 but that includes his plane ticket home from Korea (which is SUPER spendy!).

 Things are going pretty well thus far, I have my dress, I have my shoes... and that's all I really cared about. We have the wedding band, engagement ring, and even a promise ring lol. Haha.  It is going to be pretty great. We have a group of friends who are in a band, and they are going to play for us. Which is RAD. Seriously. So the restaurant where I work is going to let us do the "after party" there with the band, HighWater (go to that link, they have music on the left hand side of their FB page!), and drinks! How great is that going to be. I hope that people hang out. And I really hope that people have a really great time.

I am NOT going to stress over this. I designed my invites on and had them printed out at Kinkos. It was pretty cheap for that around $150 but my invites were three parts.   

Here is just the front of the invite. I am not going to show it all because then it just gets repetitive. haha. But I had a lot of fun creating them to fit my fiance and I. I don't really have colors for the wedding. I just decided that whatever would match fiance and I pretty well and went from there. LOL. Like I said, it is really nothing worth completely stressing out over. My mom is more stressed out than I am... but that is the norm. She keeps asking me all these questions "Are you going to decorate?", "Are you going to have a flower girl and a ring bearer?", "What about ____ and ____?" My answers usually consist of "No Mom, I am not decorating. I really do not see the point of spending XXXX amount of dollars on something I am never going to use again. And No mom, I do not want two little kids in my wedding, thanks for asking. And NO ____ and ____, they can just figure it out for themselves, and if they are being shitty then they can just leave." With a big ol' shrug at the end. haha.

Honestly. For me, the point of this wedding IS NOT the way it looks, it is NOT the way I look, it is NOT the way my fiance looks, and it is most definitely NOT about all the stress that people can make it out to be. My wedding is about the celebration of my fiance and I committing ourselves to each other, and after that... celebrating some more.


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