This is where I get a little Bridezilla-y...

 Usually... I am pretty care free and going with the flow...

You know decorations? No, I dont care... it is outside, it is going to be pretty enough AND because ... I will never ever ever use those damn decorations ever again. I promise. 
Minister? No, let's just get your brother ordained... lol.
Location? Yes, outside. Where? Cheap, lets rent out a park area. Easy. Done and done. 
This is going to be a really simple wedding... There aren't going to be decorations, there aren't going to be center pieces on the table, and there isn't going to be a minister from a church, there is not an extravagant menu for people to choose from, we are having a pot luck-BBQ there will be chicken boobs and hamburgers... Hell, I dont even know if there will be chairs for people to sit in during the ceremony. (I promise the ceremony is not going to be long, there wont be any more than there needs to be... just 2 people on my side, and 2 people on the fiance's side) No flower girl, no ring bearer, not of that extra foofy crap. 

This is all fine and dandy until... 
People want to invite people that do not have significance in my life... Or I don't even know them! WHY?? I know that you're a single person but... what is this other person that you want there going to do while you're mingling with people that you actually DO know? Where is that person going to stand? That person is definitely going to be uncomfortable, I am definitely going to be uncomfortable... "Oh this is uh... So and so's ... *whispers* who are you?? Oh this is their eff buddy... Yeah that's it." You see... that just isn't going to work for me. I want to be able to say "Oh, this is ______. I have known them since __ and it was awesome!". So I am sorry but No, you cannot bring someone on your first date to my wedding. Absolutely not.

I just don't understand why anyone would want to come to a wedding where they do not even know ANYONE?!
How do you feel about it? 



  1. I agree 100% I had tons of people that were pissed off that they weren't invited to our wedding. Honestly people? It's my day, not yours. If I don't want you there, screw it. It's not about you. And I hated it when people asked me if they could come. I wanted to say, "Did I invite you? No!"

  2. been there done that.
    Had to say NO and take a stand..its hard...its awkward but its gotta be done.
    It'll be ok when you're married you're married and life begins after the wedding.


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