What I Want FRIDAY (Should be Wednesday, But I forgot!); Jewelry Edition

So I honestly do not wear that much jewelry... what i do wear at all times is ... My class ring from High school, a ring that says Laugh Often, a ring that says Love Much, and a ring that has a leaf on it, my gauges in my ears and my *new* promise ring::::

Isn't it cute? It is actually going to be replaced, or even bombarded by my soon to be received ENGAGEMENT ring:::

Yup! That's right, that is another piece of jewelry that I will be wearing at all times!! :) I like how it matches my promise ring! :)

ANYWAY onto what else I have found on the internets that I absolutely LOVE! 

These gorgeous drop earrings, Soooo pretty!!
I never thought I would love bees so much as I do on these adorable earrings!
And almost matching necklace to-boot!!!
This really cute necklace!! :) I love it. Its all... neat. I think I really love the blue flowerness.
I think that it would be kind of fun to wear this heart around your neck! Much more unique than the not so real looking hearts ;) hehe. 

And that is that, I mean... there is many many more jewelry items out there... but this got it out that I get to be wearing an engagement ring here pretty soon. And soon to follow, wedding ring. Yup. Wedding. Sept. 5th, the countdown has begun!


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