10 favorite _____________!!! In photos!

Sorry about the absence lately. Just moved back up into the middle of nowhere, trying to get my bearings back in place... Deciding between a few things, and getting back on track. BUT. Here is a piccy list of my 10 favorite things... Well... you get the idea! 

In photos! 
1. Favorite hobby?
Well... Let's just call it a hobby for now... 
And I am just sayin'... I spend a lot of time on the World Wide Web... and... 
2. Favorite tv show?
OH yeah, this one is not at all hard to answer! HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Best show ever.
Yes, probably the best show, in my opinion, that has ever come across the television screen!

3. Favorite restaurant food?
Well... it depends on what restaurant I am at! hahaha. But sometimes I really like to have some tasty steak fries. They're always best with Ranch!

4. Favorite thing to shop for?
Hmmm I would have to say... Groceries... Because well... When I shop for clothes I tend to get discouraged when something doesn't fit. And you can never ever ever, go wrong with food! 

5. Favorite animal?
OMG. :) I have two... Well... okay, I really love 
I think they are absolutely adorable... hehehe. 
But also, I do love anything Giraffe, but the animal in person, not so much... I dunno why that is. 
6. Favorite song? 
Right now... hmmm... it definitely has to be...

The good life by Three Days Grace
8. Recent favorite youtube video?
I don't really browse YouTube that often... if I do watch anything from there it is a music video or something... So... I guess... I can tell you one of my favorite music videos!

9. Favorite movie?
10. Favorite childhood memory?
Playing Super Nintendo with my Dad! I love Super Mario Bros!
I still kick ass at this game, by the way!


  1. The internet is totally a hobby. I do it everyday!

  2. fries fries fries! I cannot get enough of them. hehe

  3. fries fries fries! I cannot get enough of them. hehe


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