I really wish I just had expendable money to spend at Anthropologie because... I really would shop there if everything wasn't so darned expensive! Because really... I never liked sandals before... but I saw


AND These:

I decided that I needed them... But you know... hard to spend over $50 bucks on shoes... So... It probably wont happen for me... ever. I think i am too much of a penny pincher for that!

And then some really cute t-shirts like this one:
And even this one:

 I am pretty sure I could use some of them... Pretty cute stuff they have there... they even have some home decor items that I am pretty sure I need...

Like... this awesome mirror...
Although... I think I would want to paint it a different color other than black... Don't you?

And I could DEFINITELY find something useful and cute to do with these:::

Man, I could just imagine myself wearing this:

While using these measuring cups:
Serving dinner on these:

While having these cuties on the table, just in case you need some salt and pepper to spice up my cooking!

Man, I just imagined my whole happy ending at one store... they got it goin' on!
Looks like I need to save up some money!


  1. Guess I know where to do my shopping for you now huh?

  2. Hahaha! :D Well, you don't HAAAAAAVE to, but you know I wouldn't turn it down! Mwah!


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