Hello my weekly friends! I hope you accomplished all of your goals or wishes last week!

  1. Keep drawing! Draw at least 3 somethings! Totally kicked this goals ass with a bunch of drawings! Check out three of my drawings here. I did more than this, but, I will not clutter things up at the moment with them all!
  2. Make a color chart how-to. I did, and it will be up tomorrow!
  3. This is not a great wish, but, I hope to keep running. Well, I think I screwed myself with this. I ran last week on Monday and Wednesday. I felt fine on Thursday and then on Friday my knees started hurting and they haven't really stopped since... So I guess I freaking listen to the doctor and wait to see what a physical therapist says. I am so sad about this. 
  4. MORE WATER! It's so hard! But, I have been pretty good at chucking 2 glasses of water before each meal. So I think this is sufficient. I just don't feel THIRSTY very often, do you?
  5. Blog about meal planning. Did it! It went up on Sunday Morning. Read it!


  1. Draw. draw. draw.
  2. Make physical therapy appointment and hope they can get me in this week.
  3. Walk. Walk. Walk. 
  5. Finalize my must-see destination list for Ireland (we leave next Wednesday!). 
  6. Blog about Paleo, and how it's going for me. 

Do you have any goals you need to accomplish this week? I promise you, participating in this linky will definitely help you achieve them!
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