Hello, friends! Welcome to Small Business Tuesdays.  Chelsea, from Chelsea Beeswax, has asked me to host Small Business Tuesdays with her! Supporting small businesses is something we both enjoy doing, whether it's advertising an Etsy shop or purchasing from a local thrift store. Of course, we can't afford to only shop small business yet, but we hope to get there in the future.

That's why we're hoping you'll link up with us each week and together we can get these wonderful people some traffic! It can be anything from blogs, to Etsy stores, to Instagram shops, to farmer`s markets, to local restaurants and of course retail stores. The possibilities are endless! Whether this linky gets big or stays small - any little bit of help counts. Especially in today`s economy. 

I've been an artist and adventurer for as long I can remember.  My need to create and my love for fashion are all what initially led me to photography. I am inspired by vintage, nature, flowers, bright colors, rustic settings, and the small seaside town I grew up in... all of which are reflected in my photographs and paintings.  I graduated from fashion school in 2009 and found that rather than designing clothes, it was styling and being on set of a photo shoot that really excited me. Directing shoots, building props, seeing clothes come to life, and capturing emotion is what I had become most passionate about. I'm in love with the process. I have been immersing myself in a world of photographs  and art ever since.   
I currently live on the West Coast of Florida in a cozy riverside cottage.  I'm accompanied by my love Hunter, two crazy cats, and a goofy pit bull.  I'm a photographer, illustrator, vintage collector, animal lover, and craft enthusiast.  I started my photography and design studio in 2011 after a varied background in the design industry working as a graphic designer, sports apparel designer, and textile/surface designer.  Currently, I am also a photography and production intern at SRQ Magazine, the west coasts leading publication. {source}

I am just in awe of Shannon's calligraphy! I can only aspire to make my handwriting something like that! Wow! Shannon does some really great custom wedding invitations and art prints. While paroozing through her social media, I found that she is also an amazing photographer! Love to see these multi-talented creatives!

If I would have found her when I got married, I probably would have spent the money it took to get her custom wedding invitations, because. just. wow. Am I right?!

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