So I have been creating my own watercolor elements for my blog. And I realized that you could too! Maybe a nice tutorial would help you out! Let me know if I am totally off base, but... Sometimes I think I am a little tech savvy. But only A LITTLE. This is gonna be a little bit of a long post. I hope you enjoy my process and try to make some of your own handmade elements for your blog! 

Step 1: Make your elements.
So, first thing's first. You need to create your elements by hand. You could do anything! I chose to use my watercolors.

I knew I wanted to create some navigation bar buttions, you know, "about", "shop", "sponsor" etc etc. And I wanted them to each be unique. I knew that there is nothing more unique than creating something by my own hand. What says ME more than creating something myself?! Right? 

You guys still with me? This might be a little bit of a long and wordy post. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to help you out! 

Step 2: Get it on your machine.
Next, you need to get that image on  your computer. Honestly, I just took a photo of my paintings with my iPhone. However, you could also scan it, or photograph it with a digital camera! Oh technology! 

Step 3: Open.
Open your image in your image editor. I have Photoshop Elements, but you could use Gimp or PicMonkey? (I don't know anything about PicMonkey).

Step 4: Selecting.
Use your Rectangular Marquee Tool (Uhm, I like to call it the selector box thingie) to select the area around the first element you'd like to make.

Then, COPY that area. (mac: command+c, Windows: ctrl+c) Or using the edit -> copy.

Step 5: New File.

While your area is selected go ahead and open a new blank file. With Photoshop elements it makes the size just right for me, for the selected area.

Step 6: Magic.

Select your magic wand tool. Then click on the outside area of your element. (I forgot to take a screen shot of it, sorry, but I will try and explain the best I can). So after you click the outside area of your element. There should be the little "marching ants surrounding the element. Press DELETE. 

Your element should now look like this. :) 

Step 7: Cropping.

Now, if you're anything like me you'll want  your elements to be as close to the same size as possible. So, I try to crop it as close as I can to the element so I can pick the height in the HTML with ease. 

Step 8: Type.

Now to give your element some meaning! Select the "Horizontal Type Tool"... aka by me the TYPE THINGIE. Make your area selection and start typing! 

Pick your font, and type it in. Make sure it's where you want it. And woot, we're almost done! 

I know, to someone new, this might look like a lot of work. But let me tell you, it's totally worth it, and you'll probably remember how to do it after the first time! 

Step 9: Saving
Now, I always save my images TWICE. Yeah, I know it seems like a pain, but in the end, when you want to make changes to something, it will be a LOT easier! 


Saving your .psd file. This is VERY important. At least for me. Because a lot of the time, I go back and want to change something. Saving it as a PHOTOSHOP (.psd) file format will insure that you will have an editable image to "fix up" or change later. 


Now, go through that saving process again, but instead of choosing Photoshop as your format choose your favorite, I always pick PNG (.png) formatting for my images. 

Step 10: Getting it online
Now you need to make your image useable online. My favorite way to go is Photobucket, but you could also use Flickr. So upload your image to one of those, or your favorite online image storing site. 
So, once you've got it uploaded, you've got to use the link to be able to put it on your blog. 

Copy the DIRECT LINK. 

Step 11: HTML
With this direct link you can use the HTML code: 

And place it wherever you want in your blog. 
For blogger, you'll have to edit the layout. And within that page, you'll want to create a new HTML element. :) Sorry, I have no experience with Wordpress. But I am sure it is not too much different. 

And you're done!! :) 

There are lots of tutorials to spruce up your blog. I hope this one helps you make it more YOU! :) 

What do you think of this tutorial? Do you have any questions?

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