5 songs you'll listen to the rest of your life:
Queen - Don't Stop Me Now --- I grew up listening to Queen and I don't think that I will ever stop. This song especially is a great one to listen to in the morning when I need a particular UMPH to my day. Which is like, every day.
Actually pretty much anything Queen, I love them. The next song is I Want it All by Queen, of course. It's a great one too. My most favorite song by Queen is Bicycle Race, I would totally rock out to that ALL the time as a kid! The next song is a new one to me, but I really feel like it's a good one that I could listen to for the rest of my life, Like I Roll by Black Stone Cherry. Good stuff. A great feel good life song. And the last, Sorrow by Bad Religion. Soooo good. I wanted to share YouTube videos with you all, but it's really a pain in the ass with the weird laws here in Germany. I really recommend that you look these up though. :)

5 things on your bucket list:
I already have a page for my bucket list, but I will share with you my top 5 I think!
Travel. The biggest one. And specifically to LIVE where I travel. I know that is going to be a difficult one to come by, but I think it's great. I think it might be the ONLY way to travel. Luckily, I am married to an Army man who likes to travel and puts up with me. 
Own a house. Possibly even build our own house. I think that would be really amazing. You know, whenever we decide to settle down and live in one spot. Husband says he wants to retire to New Zealand. Whatever, I am down! 
Find my calling. This is a really big one for me. I feel like I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. And I realize, I am all grown up. Do I want to do anything? I don't even have a favorite hobby. I go through them faster than my undies. ;) 
Have a garden (and take amazing care of it). I want to grow my own healthy food. Although, I might kill a lot of it in the learning process. I don't have the most green thumb... 
Visit Sweden and Norway. I already have Finland and Germany crossed off my list. But I want to see the rest of my native heritage countries as well. I hope we can get these knocked out before we leave Germany. I will be so crushed if we dont. Man, we've got to save up more money! 

5 celebs you'd love to hang out with for a day:
Uhm, there's not many, however, I did see a video clip of Jennifer Lawrence (spelling?) of her answering questions at the Oscars or whatever, and she seems pretty cool. I'd try hanging out with her.
Mark Wahlberg. I think he might just be a straight up cool guy. That and he is amazing to look at. Haha. 
Emma Stone. She is beautiful. And I think she'd be funny in real life. I want to be her bestie. 
Zooey Deschanel. Duh. Do I even have to say why? Well, if I do, because she is amazing! 
David Boreanaz, because he is beautiful. And if he acts like he does in Bones in real life. *swoon*

5 things you always carry in your purse:
iPhone, wallet, euros, hand sanitizer/lotion (newest purse addition), and pens! 

5 books on your reading list:
I really suck at like, planning what I am going to read. I don't think I actually have any books ON my reading list. WAIT, I have a bunch of books downloaded to my iPhone. Let me see here:
All the Game of Thrones books. Yeah, I tried reading the first one and I can't get through the first page for some reason. Maybe someday.
The Hunger Games series. Haven't seen the movie either. LOL. 
Technically I think that's over 5 books in total, isn't it? lol

Share the last five pictures on your phone:
So, since I have shared most of the photos on my phone, either on my blog already (yesterday), or have some photos saved for future posts, I will share with you the most recent 5 photos that I haven't shared, or didn't plan to share! Yay! 
Found these amazing sunglasses for $6. I bought these, and a black pair. 
You know, to me, this was a tiny baby step towards letting myself buy something I actually really liked, that I didn't want to buy at first because I was afraid that it would like, bring some sort of negative attention towards me somehow. You see, there are these floral patterned pants at the PX that I haven't bought, even though they're on super sale... I am afraid of what people would say if I wore them. Mostly because I don't normally wear stuff like that. This also makes me feel slightly like a hypocrite because I always tell people "Who cares what others think?! As long as YOU love it! That's all that matters." But, I have this problem. And now, you guys know. 

Husband and puppy sleeping. Husband has been taking a lot of naps and sleeping a lot lately, since his PRK eye surgery. The doc gave him the go-ahead and said it would be good for his eyes. So he's taking full advantage! 

Bed head. I rolled with it. And then I was self conscious a little bit, and wore my green beanie all day. haha.

This is actually from today! The sun was shining for like the first time here in about a month, from what I hear! Absolute craziness. It was good stuff. I soaked up a few minutes of it today. But it was pretty cold. But the sun felt amazing on my face.

This was taken at a Geocache location at a cemetery near Ramstein. This was a totally hard geocache. But I will give you a hint. The hiding spot is totally in the photo! ;) Best of luck!

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PS!! I've signed up for Twitter. I've had it before


  1. "Bohemian Rhapsody" hands down. Have you ever seen the Biography on Freddie Mercury? Amazing.

    I'm in my 50's and I STILL don't know what I want to be. LOL - it changes every year.

    I always thought you sort of look like Zooey Deschanel. You remind me of her.

    Read "Gone With the Wind." Best book ever.

  2. with on your music choices... always good to be able to sing along to don't stop me now... I sing loud... totally out of tune but with enthusiasm baby... and the photos were great fun... and if you move to NZ then you will be just 4 hours flight away... practically next door that would be fun...xx

  3. Ooooo Mr. Boreanaz. We hang out quite frequently, you know, in my dreams.. Haha. And I totally put Norway on my bucket list!

  4. I would loved to visit Sweden mainly becasue Alexander Skarsgard is super hot.

    1. Don't stone me, but I only like him for his tallness. Otherwise, he is meh. But I am sure there's tons of hot tall viking blonds in Sweden! hahaha.

  5. I wish I had thought of Zoey! Love the show New Girl.

  6. GOT and Hunger Games are great series! The TV show and movie are awesome too :)

    1. I am sure they are! I just wish I could get myself to get through the first few pages of GOT!! Haha. I am sure it's amazing!

  7. Stopping by from the link up. Def put Zooey and Emily on there haha

  8. Oh you know I'm a Zoey fan, so whenever you have your play date with her, I'm in!

  9. i'm such a HUGE fan of that weather app! like love it!! haven't used it much though...


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