It's that time of the week again! A great time out to see some awesome Pinterest stuff!!

I love art journals. I really need to work on drawing more in the physical world! I have plenty of sketchbooks!

One of my blog bestie's work! It's amazing!

I would wear this dress to ANYTHING I could!!

Source: via Adrienne on Pinterest

Source: via Adrienne on Pinterest

Loving the frame on this tattoo!

This would be an amazing tattoo!

This hair, so damn cute! She is too! Too bad I could never pull something like this off!


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  1. yes! that compass, bird & anchor sketch would make a rad tattoo i want something along that line.

  2. I started making a mental list of everything I thought was awesome and wanted to comment on but then I realized everything was awesome and I would basically list everything. I am really excited about checking out the free blog designs!

  3. i am amazed by those art journals, they are looking SO awesome and i wish my sketchbook looked like that :/

    But it absolulety inspires me to draw more!

  4. Awesome sketchbooks! Mine started out having actual sketches in them. Then it turned into magazine clippings. Then I got a blog and abandoned them altogether.

  5. Woohoo... I made it into this post... kind of cool bestie... and have to say I loved those journals at the top... how cool are they... I need to set aside some serious pinteerst time this weekend and check out your boards.,.. you find the coolest stuff...xx


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