It's so very important for your blog to be easy on the eyes, we talked about that last time... And now, we're gonna talk specifics.
For real. I am telling you, make sure the "home" button is EASY to find! Which means, if you have a home button, it needs to be towards the top of the blog. It just NEEDS to. Or, like me, I don't have a home button, but most Blogger Veterans know that if they click on my header, it will take them to my "home" (which for most blogs is their most recent post, or in my case http://blog.adriennerose.me).

For me personally, I like having my whole header being my "home" button. I think this is something that is already pre-set up in Blogger. I hate it when Blogger's disable this feature and make it so I have to find the little button marked "home". Or even more so, when there is no way, besides deleting the extra stuff in the URL to get back to their "home" it's a pain, and totally a deal breaker for me! 

Do you really need 27 of your friend's 200x200px blog buttons on your side bar? Find a way to make it pretty!! Make them uniform. I really recommend Passionfruit Ads, they will manage your monies (if you have people pay for sponsorship on your blog), and your ad system! It can even rotate your ads for you. If you need ANY help with that, their customer service is AWESOME. When I needed help I got an email back in under 10 minutes! Awesome!

Do you have a lot of friend's blogs that you want to feature? Make their buttons SMALLER. Maybe the width of your sidebar, and 50px or smaller. It'll feel good to have your side bar looking snazzy! I promise!

Also, make use of the pages feature! They're really nice!

This kind of goes with what I talked about last time. Legibility is IMPORTANT. Just as important as the look of your blog! Choose an EASY to read font. None of that script stuff. I know, I know, it looks super cool, and it feels maybe like your handwriting. But I promise you, it's a little hard to read. You really do not want your readers sitting there trying to decipher a word and getting frustrated, and in turn, moving on to a different blog! 

One of my biggest pet peeves is centered text.
And making a new line with your text all the time.
Like, after a
Or short sentence...
It's hard to read.

Leave the centered text to your titles (or maybe subtitles), and captions on your photos. Just trust me. I know that there are your favorite blogs with their centered text... but, honestly... There are even BIGGER and more professional blogs that either have their text aligned to the left, or justified. I personally like justified because it's very uniform and professional looking.

We want your words to FLOW. Believe me, this will help. :)


  1. Your Sunday Social post was full of fun answers... it is fun to learn more about you through those posts... of course this one freaks me out a bit as I am a centre texter... with you on the other stuff though...xx

  2. Thank you! Goodness, some blogs are so cluttered, they're impossible to navigate. I'm guilty of the centered text sometimes, but I'm trying to be better. I promise! Haha


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