Do you remember your first boyfriend/girlfriend? I sure do. So, I decided I wanted to do a mini series about my boyfriends/crushes from my young years.

The very first boy I remember having a crush on (a real life boy people, not a celebrity)... 


Though, tangent, funny story. 

When I was very little, I had this neighbor, and she told a lot of really great lies. Anyway, I had A HUGE crush on JTT, you know... Jonathan Taylor Thomas?? Righto, yeah. Him.

She made up this ELABORATE story about how JTT was going to come over to MY house! And I was soooooo sadly gullible when I was young (still am pretty gullible to those that I trust)... And I just KNEW he was coming over. We were supposed to do something pretty great together, I think my friend and I were making some mud pies together at the time. But JTT was totally coming over. 

I went out and I told my Grandparents, my mom, my friends, EVERYONE. The day came... and what? He never showed. I was so disappointed! I probably cried. I think though, I cried about believing this person, rather than crying over the fact that JTT never came. Rude right? This happened to me a lot. Don't judge.

Back to the REAL story here... It's not very long... Because I don't remember too terribly much. Just something really embarrassing.

In first grade, I really liked this boy. Zack Hanson, yeah. I don't think there's any relation to the Hanson Brothers... From what I can recall in my really diluted memory was that he was tall, and well built for a first grader. I've always liked tall boys. :) Blond, or light brown hair, and most definitely blue eyes. I am pretty sure my friend and I BOTH had a HUUUUGE crush on him, and he was like, the BOMB.

My friend and I called him Zachary Handsome to each other! Hehehe, how cool were we?? Until one day, the teacher called on him in class and I said it *GASP* OUT FREAKING LOUD!

ZACHARY HANDSOME! PICK ZACHARY... Oh my goodness... *clasps hand over mouth*

I was pretty much laughed out of my first grade class. But I got over it because my teacher's name was Mrs. Fanning.

Do you have any really embarrassing stories that happened in front of your biggest crush?? How about any really gullible pathetic stories?? 

I think I will do a little mini series with this theme. I have a few other boys that I remember from in my younger years. I think this could be entertaining! 


  1. OMG! That is mortifying!! And totally something that would happen to me hahaha!

  2. zack handsome!! omg that`s the best.

  3. Oh no! I would have died right on the spot. I have embarassing stories, lots of them. But none involving a crush thankfully. And I was the mean big sister that made up lies like that. I convinced my sister that she was related to Princess Peach, from Mario Kart. And I convinced her that she won a contest involving a date with Justin Timberlake, back when he was still with N'Sync


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