The BEST Part of Palt!


The absolute best part about palt is the left overs the next morning! Palt is great, but... Fried palt is BETTER. The BEST even!

Pull out your left over palt from the fridge, and cut them up into small chunks, bite size and smaller!

Get your skillet ready with whatever your favorite non-stickiness that you like to use. I like to use butter.

Fry it up until it's heated up, or until you get a little bit of crispy edges if you like potatoes that way. I know I do!

Also, I always eat fried palt with scrambled egg. I bet it would be awesome with a runny egg as well!

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  1. I see you are a very skilled chef who uses "exact" measurements like "enough to almost fill a bowl", "don't squeeze to much of the juice out" and "until the dough can stick together"! I love that about this post! Very nice piece that not only makes a great meal, it displays your families tradition and YOU keeping it going for another generation! Way to go!


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