Sketchbook Sunday

One of my goals right now is to draw a little bit every day. So, every Sunday, I am posting my sketches. And naming it (appropriately) SketchBook Sunday!

Do you do any sketches or drawings? I would love to see them!! Post your blog link (or wherever you post) so I can stop by to visit and maybe gain some inspiration!

Maybe I will possibly think about doing a link up... Maybe. That shit takes a lot of dedication. 

DEC 30 2012

Reference: Here

Reference for above and below sketch: Here

One of the "assignments" I have been trying to follow, below.

Moral of the story, drawing clear shit is hard.

 So very hard...

Another portion of one of the assignments I have been trying to do.

And then I wanted to try doing some block coloring of it. That was fun!

DEC 31 2012
Skull study only.
Reference: Here

JAN 1 2013

Some gestures of dogs. Well... Kind of. Dogs are really hard to draw. 

This one below here... Is supposed to be a wolf...
Can you tell?? 
Reference for dogs: here
I feel like dogs are hard to draw because of their fur... Maybe that's it, I cannot see exactly what it is that I am drawing... I should do some canine skeleton studies... 

2 Jan 2013
More gestures with the help of Pixelovely's amazing gesture tool. it's so much help!   

I am really liking this last set of 30 second gestures, I can really start to see the movement in them. 

The one on the right kind of cracks me up, she looks like she's dancing or something. Sticking her butt out. The one on the left was someone dressed up as spiderman (well, in black) and was hanging from some ropes, maybe I should have added that in there. You know, one minute is NOT very long! lol

I see on the one above, she is a bit too long. This one was really hard for me, because she had drape-y shit hanging from her body. lol. 

It's really interesting to see my progression with a simple less than an hour of drawing. It seems like it takes me a while to get warmed up. But, the outcome just is jaw dropping (to me). I really like my last 10min gesture. I feel like it really conveys what the model was doing. And her face, OMG, the perspective feels just right!!

The only issue I have been having with drawing lately, is when I am done with a session, my right hand (the hand that I use) shakes almost uncontrollably (not when I am drawing, but after I am finished and I am resting). And anyway, it's kind of freaking me out. I don't feel like I am holding the pen too tightly. And it's mostly my pinky finger that is shaking. It's weird. 

A lot of people on the website mentioned that I should be drawing with pencil/pen to paper as well. I am just having a difficult time wanting to actually pick those tools up! I am having so much fun with this digital drawing stuff. This stuff that I did on 1&2Jan I finally opened up PhotoshopElements and got it configured to use with my tablet. It was kind of an interesting and confusing process, but I think I finally got it. lol. I also think that it will be pretty fun to see what other kinds of stuff I can do with PSE.

I still got to figure out "painting" with it, but... So far, I am having like... SO much fun sketching with it. It makes me plain happy. haha. I haven't been so excited about a hobby in a long while. 

I hope to do some more drawing today, but if I don't, I won't be heartbroken. I need to figure out a better desk situation as my shoulders have been really tense from sitting here at our dining room table... I think it may be because my laptop is not at eye level. Maybe I need to see if I can find one of those propper-upper things and see if that helps at all. 



First self portrait since 2010. No judging. lol


My chuck. I started it in the morning. And then I had to do things, and it got dark. Too dark to complete the drawing. So this is what you get.

Draw anything, or work on a hobby lately?? What are you trying to get better at?


  1. I love these! Being married to an artist, being an art photographer, and some how surrounding myself by other artists, make me really appreciate those that share their creative talents. Love it! x Tamara Red Coat Studio

  2. Lovely, thanks for sharing! I have no drawing skills at all lol

  3. I love these! And I agree. You totally nailed the face perspective on that last one.


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