My Most Pinteresting Picks!

Pinterest and a little Wordless Wednesday. Woot.

A guest room/house outside of your own home. Perfect for someone like me who likes to be AWAY from company sometimes!

Koodge needs this...

I love IKEA, I really do. I want something like this when I get my own house!

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Perfect color combination. So inviting. I need this.

I would be happy to poo in this bathroom.

Doesn't it?

Source: via Adrienne on Pinterest

In my future house. This is NECESSARY! I fucking suck at ripping all that paper stuff out of the box things... So hard.

Cool, right?!

Source: via Adrienne on Pinterest

His and her's birthstone ring.

Fuck you, really??? YUM.

Bamberg Germany. I can go here.

Newspaper planters. Cute.

Guests can stay outside my house! haha

Source: via Adrienne on Pinterest

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  1. loooooooove all of your pins. but i'm kind of obsessing over that fox tattoo..... hmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. If you have a guest house like that, I'll be visiting you in Europe soon ;)

    I love the new blog look btw!! Nice touch with the doggy!

  3. That kitchen island is awesome! Love the tats. Actually I loved like everything in here. x Tamara Red Coat Studio


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