2012 Blog in Review

Almost a week into the New Year of 2013 and now I decide that I want to do some sort of 2012 in review, blog style. I've seen this one quite a few blogs that link up to their favorite posts and photos for each month of 2012, and I just HAVE to hop on THAT bandwagon! 

I didn't blog a whole lot at the beginning of last year, but there's still some stuff I want to show you guys! 

Not too much happend in January...

I had tried to do a Project365 with pictures of my feet...

It didn't work out too well....

But here's my favorite post of the month:

I vowed to lose weight.

I said Blah to Blogging.

My very last Color Love Sunday posted.

I did not blog at all in March. Husband and I were trying to have as much time as possibly before he deployed in May.

I went to my first Military Ball, had a good time, even though I was sicker than a dog!

We did travel to Finland, where I got to meet my distant Finnish Family members.

I didn't blog at all, again in April... Deployment was looming over our weary heads...

Our Finland trip somehow landed us in Beautiful Scotland.

But I did go on a day trip to Paris... I didn't blog about it, perhaps I will do that next week! 

The month, of husband Deploying. Oh it was a stressful beginning of the month!

Husband and I tried to get Koodge ready for the upcoming months by putting him through Puppy Bootcamp. lol

In my Journal I wrote about what that day felt like... And blogged about it in June.

Went on vacation with my bestie to Northern Italy. And didn't blog about it.

I lost about 26 lbs total since I had started trying to lose weight.

My very good friend Laura came down from Schweinfurt to visit!

I thought I wanted to join the Military.

I went on a "Spouses of Deployed Soldier's Retreat" to Garmisch. (1, 2, 3)

I blogged about the difficulties of keeping and trying to make friends...

I chopped off all my hairs...

Started C25K.

And learned some good news about husband's deployment.

Husband returned early from Afghanistan and I got to simulate shooting a lady in the vagina.

My very first link up with Natalie -- Coffee Talk. I became obsessed and now answer her questions every week.

And then, we went to Greece!

Found out my best friend Laura's husband got injured in Afghanistan and is now paralyzed from the waste down. Visit their blog, and support them.

I pierced my lip.

Reached 155lbs.

And told you all about my most favorite fitness apps!

Started a November blog series about being thankful.

I was thankful that the fucking election was over!

Saw a wild hedgehog!

Made my very first homemade baked Cheesecake!

Made the best brownies ever.

Told you some about how husband and I met the very first time.

People died.

I started drawing again and started a blog series called Sketchbook Sundays.

The world tried to end... Not really.

My birthday happened.

We did some local traveling.

I received and distributed the Liebster Award.


And that concluded my 2012 review blog style. I hope you enjoyed reading on some posts over the last year!

I am so excited for 2013, and can't wait to keep on blogging!


  1. Being away from your husband for months is SO hard, for different reasons, but I totally understand! FYI I'm really diggin your blog lady ;) x Tamara Red Coat Studio

  2. This was fun to re-read stuff!

  3. This is why I love Adrienne. Two weeks into 2013, but eff it! She's gonna do a proper 2012 recap, dammit!


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