Sketchbook Sunday

DEC 26th

DEC 27th
AND THEN!! I got this!! 
Gosh, it was so frustrating at first.
Here is the first drawing I did on my new WACOM BAMBOO CAPTURE tablet!! 

 And then I was really craving to draw a feather. I keep seeing them around the interwebs, and I couldn't hang without one of my own! hahaha

DEC 28th

And then I was watching the show GIRLS, and I really don't see the appeal really... But I used it to do some gesture drawing and random face studies. 

And then I found THIS WEBSITE that has a 3D skull that you could rotate, and I thought it would be perfect to do some skull studies. I had so much fun working with my tablet!! Eeeep. So exciting. And it's pretty easy to use! -- Look at the green one! You can tell that my skill just went up after drawing it only twice! Yay. I love seeing progression like that. :D

DEC 29th

So here I am working on going back to the basics. I joined this forum called ConceptArt.Org and there is a TON of useful tips, hints, suggestions... tutorials, whatever else you can think of on there. Anyway, there is this thread called New Artists Seeking Help Come Here! and there are a ton of "assignments" for beginners suggested there. Anyway, even though I am not a "beginner" per-say, I am a new beginner on my Wacom Tablet. I thought that going through some of these tasks would help me learn my tablet better, and using it with the programs I have like SketchBookExpress, GIMP, and Photoshop Elements 8. -- So the above photo was the first assignment. I am not sure how it went, I think I did alright with the placement of the shadows, but I do not think they're long enough, I think I may go back and rework it a bit. We'll see. 

From this photo.

From this photo.

I found some really neat poses (some are yoga poses) and I pinned them in my Pinterest board. So I could use them as reference.

As I was working on my third one, and it was a great one! HOWEVER!!! #sketchbookexpress #fail -- and partly fail on my part! Was working on a really fun sketch, then was in the process of saving, pressed save... And SketchBookExpress suddenly crashed on me. Failed to save. Boo. Husband is going to see if he can work his geeky magic to see if it had saved any temp files of my sketch in the morning. So much suck though!! I was really proud of this one!!


  1. Wow!! You can star drawing blog designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Look at my blog..........

  3. wow, that`s great! glad you got to pick up a tablet (: it will take getting used to, but you are doing amazing already!

    and that site sounds really helpful, i may have to check it out too!


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