Thankful 21

Today I am thankful I am on this "real" food regime. Meaning, I try to only eat foods that I KNOW what is in it (no crazy long ass unpronounceable words in it)! We've been doing this slowly throughout this year and we're really trying to buckle down on it!

You know, you can make all kinds of things now a days from a box, and it's no big deal... But you know that box of blueberry muffin mix doesn't even contain real blueberries?? Sometimes it doesn't even contain REAL blueberry flavoring! So what are you really eating??? You'll never really know unless you do the research.

Making REAL food, with a recipe, from a cookbook (or wherever) is actually an accomplishment for me. It's so awesome to see the things that I CAN make with my own two hands!

I am thankful for the learning experiences that come along with making real food. :)

I made REAL bake-in-the-oven cheesecake today!!! Typically I would do a no-bake version with a premade graham cracker crust. I really stepped it up and made my own graham cracker crust, although, I did use premade graham crackers :(. It really wasn't so hard! I used this recipe (in photo form as it was from my "The New Woman's Day Cookbook").

Then! I made a REAL blueberry muffin loaf! Goodness I felt like I was on a roll!! I used this recipe:

I cannot wait to eat these tomorrow!!!

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