Being Thankful 22

I am so Thankful that my husband and I are so awesome that we never stress about any events. I mean really, we didn't even stress about the "biggest day of our lives" (wedding) what makes you think we're going to stress about Thanksgiving?! No way Jose! We're way too cool for school, and we make the best out of everything! 

Everything just turned out wonderfully, the blueberry muffin loaf was positively amazing! Perfect for breakfast, and so filling. I had one plain piece, and then one that we french toasted! Oh boy oh boy! Yuuuuum! I was feeling so proud of myself this morning. And especially for making the husband happy, it is one thing that he requested this week. Happy to fulfill! 

We cut up a TON of veggies, and had meats and cheeses for snacks/lunch. Man, we only had a tiny bit for lunch too. Koodge ate a lot of veggies today, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and his dried sweet potatoes... So why do we continue to buy yummy doggie treats for him? -- He gets so excited for these veggies... He stands at the edge of the kitchen waiting every time we are cutting some up. I think he really just likes anything crunchy. lol. You should see his chubby belly tonight. He is in more of a food coma than we are! 

Koodge eating his cauliflower and making a mess. haha.
By the time dinner was finished (turkey was cooking in the slow cooker, yep, we're that awesome), we weren't hungry??? What the hell?? So weird. But we decided to dish up anyway. The photo on the left shows my plate, just add some gravy, 2 small pieces of bacon (the turkey was stuffed with BACON people!), and some cranberry jelly. And I was pathetically full. *hangs head in shame* -- Husband was so disappointed that he could only fill himself with one plate-full, gone are the days of 6-serving Thanksgivings...

Later in the evening my bestie, Sonja, came over. Thanks to her, I managed one more small plate of turkey goodness. AND THEN, the Cheesecake! It was delectable! :D So proud of myself. Happy husband, happy bestie, happy tummy. Definitely a win win win win win!! Luckily that Sonja came over, she ended up relieving us from some of the left overs! hehe.

Over all, wonderful day. Spent time with the husband and dog. Very laid back and easy going. -- Maybe we'll continue this tradition of small group time. I honestly don't need 12 other people in my house. Nah. I'm good spending the day with the hubby. 

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  1. We have the same target rug hee hee. Happy belated Thanksgiving!


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