Here I am!

Hello Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Christmas and New Year!

I am now officially 24 years old. Wow, time really does fly, I still feel like I am... 15 years old! It also doesn't help that I still get mistaken for being ten years younger... Some people say that's good. lol.

For my birthday we bought wine, beer, and made teriyaki chicken with rice. We watched some movies and it was pretty chill. I wish we did a little more, but whatevs, right? There's always next year!

Here is my little Christmas corner! :) 
My mom ordered a tree for me at the beginning of November... You know when it came? The MONDAY before Christmas, Kohl's is on my shit list now. lol. It wasn't there fault really... The Army mail system is a black hole. But at least I have a second tree coming... lol. I told my husband that I wanted three trees next year. I will have my two 4 ft trees and then I want a big one! Is that too much? They all have to be white too... Is that weird? I want them. It will make me happy.

Anyway. Christmas was good too. Ate a lot of good food, and hung out with good people. :)

Husband and I didn't exchange any gifts this year because we bought a TV, PS3, an External HD, and Skyrim for ourselves... Is that bad? hah.

For New Years we went to Prague with our favorite friends here. I think Prague would have been really cool if we had done better research. I think I need more "structured" vacations... weird?

It was cool though, and there was tons of awesome architecture!

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Anyway, so everything all wrapped up into one. :)

How did your holidays go?

Any plans for the new year?

Deployment is coming up for us. It will be my first one, and I will be staying here in Germany. Hoping and wishing and *crossing fingers* that people will take this opportunity to come visit me here in Germany. It's going to be pretty stressful, I'm sure. But I will deal.

I plan during deployment that I will work out and hopefully lose a few pounds. I know I tried in August, but things piled up... and I just didn't stick to it. Now, this is not a resolution. Just a plan. ;)

Anyway, did you make any resolutions?

I'll talk about more plans in another post. :) Registered & Protected

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  1. I love your Christmas corner--it's so festive and cute! Good luck with your first deployment--I know it can be pretty overwhelming, but you'll soon get into your own battle rhythm--and structured vacations will help, too! :D


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