Happy 2012.

Do you have any fantastic plans for the New Year? I don't have too many... But I am excited for my mother to visit me in the summer time! :)

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I have launched a daily iPhone-ography Blog over at http://iphone-ography.adriennerose.me/ I hope you all check it out. I am not going to talk about it very much here, and not going to talk there at all. It is just going to be a new iPhone Photo daily. And you all may have seen some of them posted here. I just really wanted the focus to be on my photo, and mostly, it's JUST FOR ME. I am not trying to impress anyone, or even get a lot of followers over there. So do not be surprised when I do not talk about that blog here at all. However, I may make a little button for it here for easy navigation. :)

I will tell you about what I plan to be posting over there though. I started a mini project that I hope I can remember to do everyday. I saw something somewhere about how someone took photos of their feet every day of the year. So I set an alarm on my iPhone for 1530 on repeat for every day, and hopefully I will start doing some interesting things... So you don't see just my stupid wood floor every day. I try to incorporate something that I am doing... Like drinking coffee, on the computer, spending time with puppy, into the photo as well... But sometimes, I am not doing anything so it just may be my feets. Which is cool. Whatever. I just want SOMETHING. Haha.

It may not be very interesting, but I think it will prompt me to take out my iPhone more often and actually take a new photo every day. It might even make me take different photos. I think it will just be fun to see throughout the whole year. I was thinking of doing face photos every day. But, I don't get pretty every day... And I don't want that all over the world! lol.

Here is what I have so far!

So what's your goals this year?
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