Foot Photos :)

The little goal thing that I have for this year is iPhone Photo Foot pics. lol. It's kind of silly, but I like it. You'll notice I have like, one pair of shoes... Don't judge me.

So, it's going pretty well. I am not trying to be so strict on myself this time. If I miss a day, I just take two the next day. If not, oh well. No one has to know, and I am not keeping track.

I am just trying to represent whatever I am doing, or did that day. No stress. :) Sometimes I forget. But not a big deal.

I think my favorite one so far is the second one on the bottom. The one with the water color palette thing. I love it.

I wish my floor in my house wasn't so boring. lol.

PS. If you'd like to keep up with my photo adventures: iPhone-ography. Registered & Protected

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  1. The wood floors aren't that boring, it's better than stained tile, which is what I grew up with. I like the different pictures of what you're doing, it's an awesome idea! Luckily for you you have cute feet!


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