LATE iPhone Photo Friday and an update about MY life! :)

OH my goodness. I am getting so bad at doing these iPhone Photo Friday posts on time... Did I even do one last week? Hell, I don't know. I might have to take a break from them... I will do this one, even though it's late... (again) and see how I feel on Friday.

Honestly, I have been super busy lately. Which is a great thing. I have been happy, and busy!

Let me tell you what I have been up to and then we can get to the good stuff, iPhone Photo Friday.

So, my friend and I have been working on trying to get a dog park put in on our post here in Germany. It's been a lot of work but all is going super well. And the people we are working with are really optimistic about it! Which is FANTASTIC!

Other than that, I got a personal trainer and started working out. I am still learning about my body and figuring out what is best for me. A friend, of course is working out with me which is making it so much easier.

I started out with walking (this all started about a week and a half ago), and it was great. I love being able to walk on the treadmill and listen to music, and not have to worry about where what I am walking into... With my personal trainer we started some strength training. It's been really fun, and I think I might be a little addicted?? I don't know, but I definitely look forward to going on my treadmill walks every day. Sometimes I walk outside, which is nice... But I have to pay attention to what I am doing. Haha.

Last week, a friend and I headed up to Vilseck to get our Metabolic Testing done to find our our RMR (Resting Metabolism Rate) and I found out that I have a slightly faster than average Metabolism at burning approximately 1860 calories per day while resting. They recommended, that if I wanted to lost weight, that I eat 1700 calories a day. While trying to burn 3500 calories a week (which is about 1 pound a week). Anyway, I've got a plan, I've got a personal trainer, and I've got a friend going with me.

I am excited about it. :)

PhotobucketAnyway, I guess I will stop boring you with my life * exaggerated wink* and get on with iPhone Photo Friday!

So a couple of weeks ago, I went to the Arts and Crafts Center on post and decided to paint some of my own pottery. I did this. It took me like three frikkin hours to paint. Unfortunately the paint wasn't as high quality as I would have liked so ... It's sad, but it looks really nice! 
So I am trying to remember to take my vitamins. I keep forgetting, because I would lose my head if it weren't attached! 
Coffee, of course. :) 
On the way up to Vilseck it was super foggy. :) I like this photo! 
Oh yes, 0630 we were up yesterday to head to Oktoberfest in Munich... I repeat, 0630...
So here we are, husband has got his lederhosen on and I've got my Dirndl. :) Just as we got to Oktoberfest.
My friend's husband, rocking in his lederhosen with my husband. :)
My American bestie here in Germany and I, all dressed up in our Dirndls :)
Rides galore
The Bier we were drinking. 
Happy Husband. :) 
Happy Wife. :) Happy Life.
So many people... 
Husband photo bombed... lol.
So there you have it. Most of that was Oktoberfest. :) hehe.

Thanks for being patient with me and my retardation for not posting my iPhone Photo Friday things on time. I really haven't been into doing too terribly much with my blog lately. I've definitely got to fix that! :)

Anyway, you should totally join in!! Registered & Protected


  1. Your photos from Oktoberfest are fabulous! I can't wait till next year (the hubby and I missed it this year due to my being stateside for a wedding)! Loved your outfit! I need to get myself a dirndl...where did you find yours? Also, how did you go about finding out where to go get your Metabolic testing done? I've been wanting to do that FOREVER. Even with my BS in Nutrition and Wellness, I've never done it. Shame! Can't believe you can do it in Germany of all places. That's awesome though. Love reading a fellow MilSpouse in Germany's blog! Sad we don't live closer to one another in Germany...we could totally hang out! :)

  2. omg how cute are you in that adorable lil outfit!!!!!

  3. Now that is an Oktoberfest!! how awesome! I miss RST.. Find me on instagram :) nibor_55

  4. These look like fabulous fun!! Great shots ;)


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