iPhone Photo Friday

It is totally Friday and I took CRAP for pictures this week... Just not into it I guess?? Bleh. Ah well. I will show you what I did take, and I hope you can show me some WAY better pictures on your end of things!!

By the way, if you're new to this iPhone Photo Friday thing, you must know that you don't have to have or use and iPhone at all for this! You can use your crappy cell phone, your Android, heck, your iPad or iPod! Anything that is not a actual CAMERA (DSLR whatever) can be used! :)  I really hope you decide to join in!

Okay so... how often does your subject move? I take like a million photos of Koodge, and he moves like 99% of the time... I just thought I would share a blurry photo of Koodge's nose! 
Coffee, I tried a new place this week. I also decided to get a Cappuccino instead of my usual latte macchiato (no idea how to spell that one.... lol) And it came with the coolest cup... 
Husband and I haven't pictured in a while... I thought it was a good opportunity. But the photo does kind of suck. But oh well.
Koodge and Kiowa hanging out while the momma's drink coffee and discuss business. ;) haha.
I finally put photos in my Ikea magnet frames. I totally want the rectangle ones now too!

If you want to see a couple "better" photos that I have taken over the last week, please head on over to Adrienne Rose Photography. I would love for you to check it out! 

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  1. haha i love it. thats what happens to us too, i take a photo with my husband and then they stink, so i delete them! love your pictures for this friday. happy friday!

  2. love those frames, but i have a hard time keeping magnets on my fridge. grrrr.

  3. Great pic of u and the husband! And I love the ikea frames!

  4. LOVE those ikea magnet frames! How did I miss those last time I was there?
    This is my first time visiting from a good life and I'll definitely be linking up with you from now on also for my week in iPhone pics!

    knit purl baby


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