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Hi everyone! My name is Camie and I hail from my blog How To Have It All.  I'm so excited to be participating in this blog swap and meet some new people!  Come on over sometime! I'll make cookies.   Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a wife, a mommy, an actor, a singer, a cook, a seamstress, a love machine, a daughter, a cosmetologist, a sister, an aunt, a best friend, a music lover, a snuggler, a reader, a teacher, a blogger, a kisser, an entertainer, an accommodator, a woman, and a giggly, silly girl.  I think that about covers it.

I have had an amazing summer this year.  It all started with the birth of my little girl. 
 I know, I know. I am totally  sounding like one of those mommy bloggers.  

But I have two other children who are both boys
so me finally having a girl was so SO very exciting!

She was born in June, so our whole summer has been full of all things baby.
The pooping, the crying, the feeding, the no sleeping, the laundry.  Ahh it's been glorious.
(This is where a sarcastic font would come in useful.)

But it's all been worth it.  I mean look at these three!!  
Have you ever seen a more goofy bunch of kids in your life?!  
Oh how I adore 'em.

Our baby was a mere three weeks old on the 4th of July and we celebrated as best we could... dressing up our little doll all patriotic-like.

It then occured to me that due to my super crazy procreating powers, we had a little baby during the 4th of July two years before as well.
Could I be more awesome?!
Here is how we celebrated the event two years ago.  

  • Clean house.
  • Have brother and sister-in-law come over.
  • Eat yummy dinner and play the Wii.
  • Go to Walmart.
  • Sleep.
  • Get on Wii fit.
  • Nurse baby.
  • Make breakfast.
  • Give Husband haircut.
  • Start to make rainbow jello, 4th of July style, Reds and blues.
  • Give oldest kid haircut.
  • Make another jello layer.
  • Give brother haircut.
  • Make cake.
  • Nurse baby.
  • Have mom and Grandma come over.
  • Clean kitchen...again.
  • Make another layer of jello.
  • Take shower.
  • Nurse baby...again.
  • Make another layer of jello.
  • Send boys out for charcoal.
  • Start making lunch.
  • Make another layer of jello.
  • Drop entire dish of jello on slate floor.
  • See what happens to a Pyrex dish full of Jello when it falls on a slate floor.
  • Say "oh no!"
  • Clean up jello and glass pieces.
  • Cut finger on glass.
  • Put only bandaid you can find on cut, even if it is Backyardigans.
  • Start over with the jello.
  • Make rice crispy treats.
  • More jello.
  • Clean kitchen...again.
  • Jello.
  • Beans.
  • Salad.
  • Pump up swimming pool.
  • Nurse baby.
  • Jello.
  • Veggies.
  • Chips.
  • Fruits.
  • Jello.
  • Find chairs and table, get hubby to set up outside.
  • Mourn broken dish and the fact that new jello is much smaller and only has 6 layers instead of original 12.
  • Take food outside.
  • Eat.
  • Watch cute son play in cold water. 
  • Enjoy company.
  • Have Papa come over.
  • Nurse baby.
  • Let Papa snuggle baby.
  • Clean up.
  • Bring out desserts.
  • Clean up again.
  • Watch sky go black.
  • Watch wind blow trees.
  • Watch hail flood street. 
  • Pack up cars.
  • Drive to fireworks.
  • Have brother chase jack rabbit.
  • See brother eat crap and get all muddy.
  • Nurse baby in front seat of parked car.
  • Watch fireworks.
  • Drive home.
  • Find sleeping arrangements for all.
  • Sleep.
  • Get ready for church.
  • Get babies ready for church.
  • Pray baby doesn't poop all over white suit.
  • Go to church.
  • Teach lesson.
  • Watch baby get blessed.
  • Nurse baby.
  • Come home, take four generation picture. 
  • Take family pictures. 
  • See self in family pictures.
  • Curse post-baby chub.
  • Adore sweet angel baby.
  • Dress boys in matching outfits...yeah, we went there. 
  • Make lunch.
  • Pull out all sides from yesterday.
  • Frost yummy cake. 
  • Eat.
  • Say goodbye to Gramma and Mom.
  • Get on Wii Fit.
  • Have Wii Fit tell you you've gained 4.8 lbs.
  • Tell Wii Fit to shove it.
  • Eat yummy cake.
  • Say goodbye to Papa.
  • Say goodbye to brother and sister-in-law.
  • Take baby to bed and sleep for, no kidding, 5 hours.
  • Wake up.
  • Clean up dinner.
  • Have ice cream cones.
  • Sit on porch and be happy.
  • The end.

So that about sums it up...your average 4th of July celebration...aside from the dropping of the Pyrex, but perhaps we could make that a tradition as well.  Sounds kinda expensive, but fun.

Thanks for having me!  Feel free to stop on by anytime and join in our crazy, sleepy, funny Mountain Dew lovin' shenanigans!  We'd love to have you!

Also, I'd just like to stop and thank the Gods of nursing for the amazing rack.

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