iPhone Photo Friday!! Yay!

PhotobucketWelcome back iPhonographers! :)

This week has been great for me! I hope it has been great for you too! So much has happened!! Last weekend we went to Green Night here in Ansbach. It was neat! We drank, and ate, and had a great time! 

All the lights are green!!
They had these star things walking around. I liked that!

There was even a Hookah Bar set up on water! Neat!

The church at night time, during the Green Night.

Lady of The Night?
Wednesday was Hubby's birthday! :) I hope he had a wonderful day! Our friend Sonja bought him some Beer and that beer glass!
I bought him some Irish Single Malt Whiskey from a local "bottle your own" store called VOM FASS.
I totally made him blow out a candle! Little did I know that it was one of those "trick" re-light candles... Ugh. How was I supposed to know? The pack only cost me 0.88cents!
I made an ice cream cake!! :) Minus the cake! Stay tuned to this blog on Tuesday to get the recipe!

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  1. Your blog is so fun and wow that cake looks DELICIOUS! My birthday is tomorrow can you make me one? lol

  2. Duder. That cake looks awesome. MAD SKILLS!

    I also like the "walking stars"... that's pretty trippy... and also AWESOME!

  3. love the silhouette against the bright green. Very cool! Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. I want that cake and that church photo, in that order.

  5. Beautiful shots. I love that ice cream cake. Looks amazing!

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  6. Guys & beer- can't go wrong there. I know that is what my hubs would love on his birthday! That cake looks so good.

  7. Amazing cake!

    My parents got me one of those trick candles one year. I was SO MAD. LOL

  8. My St. Patty's birthday self loves all that green!

  9. Wow, that cake looks beyond delish!! Can't wait till you share the recipe, I'll definitely will check back!!

    Lots of love. XO.

  10. "lady of the night" made me lol! Gorgeous pics of the green night!

  11. What an amazing time...How cool a festivity!
    You MADE ice cream cake?! That's my kinda lady! ;)


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