Ever Counted Calories?

I found a Calorie Counter App for my iPhone, it is called My Fitness Pal (I don't think it is necessary to have the app on your phone, as they have a website too).

Anyway, I am interested in losing some weight, and... didn't want to make a HUGE change to my diet, I also want to learn portion control.

Putting in my height, weight, age, weight goal, exercise goal (30 mins/3 times a week), and weekly weight loss goal (of 2 lbs)... It told me that I should be eating 1200 calories a day...

Not necessarily beginning today... But I was curious how many calories I had been taking in on a regular basis, for breakfast (that's all I have had so far today)...

I know the images are a little small, but you can click on them to see it larger...

GAH! One 'normal' bowl of cereal (fill up bowl with cereal) with a 'normal' amount of milk (make sure I can see the milk so that the milk to cereal ratio is proportionate to my liking), and three cups of coffee... I have already gone over HALF of my allotted 1200 calories *facepalm*.

I know I eat a lot of crap... But, it's just sad. *sigh* I LOVE cereal, and coffee... Like LOVE... Tomorrow morning, I will give it a try with actually measuring my cereal, and milk, as to the recommended portion on the side of the box!

What do you think? Have you ever counted calories? Do you have any helpful suggestions or comments? How does it work when you cook?? I don't know anything about losing weight, or staying fit, but I hope to learn!


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  1. The only thing I can suggest is to focus on non-processed foods like lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. You get fuller with these (esp. the lean proteins) for less calories than the processed foods.

    When you cook, you just add ALL the calories together...the oil you used to cook and all the ingredients.

    Good luck! You can do this!

  2. I recently read an article stating that people who use digital food journals like phone apps lose more weight than those who use paper journals.

    I also second what Jessica said in using the least processed foods you can and that will keep you fuller longer... and to not forget to count the calories in sprays, oils, etc you cook with. Best of Luck! (I hate counting calories and cheat like it is going out of style.)

  3. Bowl size actually does matter, my husband eats huge bowls of healthy cereal, it cracks be up because it ends up being three or four servings.

    I have counted calories but it never lasts long. 1200 calories is not a lot. I vote watch portions and eat real food.


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