How is everyone? I wanted to post a little bit of an update!

Hubband and I are doing well here in Germany!

It is so super gorgeous here!

we have been super busy! This weekend we went to a fair in Nurnburg called Volksfest! It was really fun! I tried some schwartzreisling:

Hubband had some beer:

I got some neat pictures with my iPhone:

Then in Sunday we went to a lake, it was gorgeous! I cannot wit until we have our own car to explore with!

It was super warm and I was happy to get some sunshine!!

We are still in the itty bitty hotel room. Haven't heard anything else from housing! Having a great time here!!

Oh yeah! I got a bike today!!
And I am not sure if he images are going to work... I am posting this from my iPhone because there is no Internet here right now!! Much love!-Adrienne

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  1. No photos--but glad to hear that you're having fun in Germany! :D

  2. I see the photos! I'm glad you are enjoying it! If you ever want a little taste of American life in the midst of your European travels Rammstein AFB has a big mall, a Chilis, and a Macaroni Grill. I've been there once with my husband and it was nice to have the reminder of home! There is also a 3 day fest in June in Bad Windsheim, which is where I live.


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