Hello Hello from Germany!

The flight was long, especially because we did the same length of flight from Korea 10 days earlier... Spent those ten days running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Visited family, met my half brother... etc etc. It was a long long LONG 10 days. I also got a new tattoo!! Here are some crappy pics of it!

I got it done by Caitlynn Abdow of Skin City Tattoos in Tigard, Oregon. Here is their FB Fan Page!

We made it in early Friday morning around 8am with barely any sleep at all for what seemed like days. We hardly slept on the plane, it's just too difficult! We went through the hurry up and wait with the Army coming into Frankfurt, and made it out of the air port on a bus around 11am. We finally made it to our post here at Katterbach around 2:15pm, it was a long bus ride, in which I slept on (even though I didn't want to!). Finally got our sponsor (who did a terrible job over email, but was pretty good in person even if he was late) a little after three. He showed us around the post (there are 5 different sections (posts) of this base, spread out all over Ansbach). We finally got to relax in our hotel room at about 4:30pm.

We were starving so we decided to try out the Burger King (the only fast food on post...) for some quick foods... it was expensive and terrible here on Post. Gross!! $14 for the two of us... Ridiculous! So we ate and went back to the hotel room.

This hotel room... is SMALL. It's got a bed, table and chairs, dresser drawers, tv, a bathroom (with only the tiniest stand up shower), a small closet thing, and a Kitchen... that we have to share with the people next door... *sigh* Let's just say it is not exactly like our spacious apartment back in Korea, with heated floors, and a sauna. LOL.

I passed out at 6:30p last night and slept until 6am the next day. And still was exhausted. Luckily I have been making friends on Facebook with some ladies here. We hung out with one of them yesterday and went into Ansbach. Such a cute town. It's even got "old town" with shopping and the market, and everything. It was a great experience. We had coffee down there. I didn't really take any pictures because I knew this friend was on some sort of a time crunch with plans later in the afternoon, plus, I really just like exploring by myself. I will go back down there again in the future. Probably not until we get our own vehicle because it is a 15euro taxi cab which is like $21usd! UGH. For like, TWO MILES. or something. Ridiculous. But it was cute down there.

Here is a 20euro bill.

So far I am loving the smallness of the two posts that are right next to each other (across the street from each other). We have the PX (small) on one and Commissary (SMALLER) on the other. I can tell that living on this post(s) is going to be a bit of a challenge. However, there are so many gorgeous things here in Germany to make up for it.

Germany is so green, it feels like home (Oregon). People say it rains a lot, but it has not rained since we've been here... And it would have been raining this whole time back in Oregon. Haha. So we're used to the rain.

Anyway. Just wanted to pop in, let you all know we are alive, well, and in Germany!! 


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  1. You're getting here just in time for spring :) The last week has been so cloudy and gloomy, week before last it rained all week. It doesn't usually rain too much during the spring and summer, but it's game on when Fall/Winter rolls around.

  2. I'm glad you're settling in and enjoying Germany so far. My husband is originally from Portland. So I know Tigard. that's fun. :) In Baumholder (where he's stationed) it's overcast and kind of drizzles about 85-90% of the time. Personally I think it's worth it to have everything all GREEN and gorgeous!

  3. I love the birds on your tattoo! Pretty :] Glad to hear you made it to Germany safely! I hope you guys can settle into your new life quickly so you can start enjoying all the beautiful things around you!

  4. Your new tattoo is awesome! And I'm glad to hear that you made it to Germany safe and sound--maybe you should look into getting a bike to save on the cab fares? Imagine the photo opportunities! :D

  5. I love the tattoo, I want one soooo badly. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, and I agree it takes time to enjoy a daily workout, haha. I'm almost there. Hope Germany is treating you well.


  6. I LOVE the tattoo. Definitely makes me itch for more ink. Glad you made it to Germany safe and sound :)


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