Oh Happy Day!

HEEELLLEEEEWWW Everyone! :) I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! Mine is going REALLY well. I had my first  photoshoot with some friends yesterday! :) It was so much fun!

BUT, I guess I need to hook you all up with the Project365 Link up!! :) How is that going for you? It's still going really well for me!

 Sometimes Husband gets to make dinner. :) Haha. It was delicious chicken chili, some rice, cream cheese, and deliciousness!
 I loved the pink bench things by the blue telephone booths. I hoped that they would be there when we went for our photoshoot, but no... They were gone! :(
Husband bought me a tripod, and I was testing it out. There are some Apt. buildings not too far away, and their lights on top change colors! Kind of fun to take pictures of. But ... I did notice that things were still blurry. Even though I had my tripod, it kind of wiggled... I don't know... It seems sort of flimsy. When I press the shutter button... :(

A friend and I went to Asan to check some things out. There wasn't really much there. But at the Cheonan-Asan station they were building these two buildings! I thought it was pretty neat. :)
 Second week of the Survivor Challenges from Tally Scrapper! This week we had to use a layout from the opposing team as inspiration and scrap about regrets. But I don't have any, I don't want to have any, and I think it's a waste of mental time thinking about them. I have this life, NOW. The past has passed, for good reason!

 My first photoshoot. Here is one of my favorite pictures from the whole day! I had such a blast taking photos of them! :) I even did balloons because I love balloons in pictures! :) So much fun!


Now, I want to see your pictures from this last week! :)

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  1. I love looking at your pictures! You are a fantastic photographer :) I really like the one with the balloons in this set.

  2. hey lady! whats going on with people no one is linking up lately! makes me sad! hope next week will be better!!

    -hugs & Loves, Ariel

  3. Love them all! An idea: Use the timer on your camera when you're using the tripod, then it wont move when you push the shutter. That's what I do! Cuz my tripod wiggles when I push the button too.


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