Happy Day! - Project365 Link Up!

Happy Valentines Day! 

How was yours? Mine was fabulous! My wonderful hubby brought home and cooked dinner tonight! :) Goodness gracious I have a wonderful man!

Oh yes, and I definitely want you all to tune in tomorrow as I have a fabulous post and giveaway!! :) So please, tune in tomorrow!! :) BIG Giveaway, great post. :)

Sorry that the link up is a bit late, but if you read a couple of posts ago, I went adventuring with the husband! Soooo :). Forgive me??
43/365 - Sneak peek for a post that will go up later this week! :) About my trip to the DMZ!
44/365 - I have to admit that I was really excited that my flowers were still alive when we got back home! I just had to do some more shooting with them!
45/365 - My friend Megan, put up on her blog that she had taken a picture of her ring and the flowers that she got from her hubby on their first Valentine's day, I thought that was a fantastic idea! So I decided to do the same! :)
 Anyway! Have you been keeping up with your Project365?? Man, I only had one day where I almost forgot to take a picture by two minutes. Haha. Other than that, I have been doing pretty well! 

I really want to keep up with my Project365 link up, but I don't feel like I am getting much of a response... So please, let every one of your friends who is doing a Project365, takes lots of pictures, whatever, let them know that this is happening! Once a week, on the weekend. And that it is awesome! :)

Link up with me! 
Please do the following:
*Link up with me on your blog! You can get one of my buttons on the left side bar! :)
*Be sure to go and comment on the people who have linked up with me! It's nice, and I am sure they would be more than happy to comment your picture too!
*Please, please please, only link up with the DIRECT LINK to the blog post that you are sharing with us! Otherwise, it just links to your blog in general... Then I am going to have to delete your link up. Sorry. 
*I will also delete your link up if you do not mention project365 or my blog, or anything, on your blog. (please, as stated above, link up with me too).


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  1. beautiful pictures. I love that ring picture

  2. LOVE the flower pictures! The color and mood is absolutely amazing!

  3. i really like the totem pole like things!!


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